Bubble Wrap® Supplies

BUBBLE WRAP® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US)

Protective packaging solution to protect against shock, vibration, falls, abrasion as well as specialty lines that offer additional special protective packaging solutions for industry needs. High quality bubble wrap® manufacturers product lines will be more puncture resistant and will have minimal air seepage.


Popular Bubble Wra®p Supplies and Products

1. Mini Bubble Wrap® Rolls
Variety of sizes (4 foot wide bubble wrap), strengths and special poly constructions. Can be perforated or not.

2. Anti-Static Bubble Wrap® Rolls
A design that will not ward off static. Commonly used for electronic packaging.

3. Anti Static Bubble Wrap® Bags
Clear and colored bubble wrap bags for electronics and static sensitive items.

4. Heavy Duty Bubble Bags
High puncture resistant transparent and foil faced bubble wrap bags. Find self seal and fold varieties.

5. Boxed Bubble Wrap® Rolls
A self dispensing boxed bubble wrap roll system.

6. Large Bubble Wrap® Bundles
For application requiring greater width or for use with large application systems.

7. Bubble Wrap® Envelopes / Bubble Mailers
Bubble envelopes / mailers in a variety of colours and styles. Common are kraft bubble mailers, white bubble paper mailers, and white poly bubble mailers.

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